Book Drips

Reach your Reading Goals

Book Drips helps you with reaching your reading goals by simply emailing you a few pages of your favourite ebook on a daily-basis.

How it works

Book Drips is very simple to use. If you are the one buying a lot of ebooks in the hope of reading them one day. Then Book Drips is for you.

Simply upload your ebook
You can simply upload the ebook of your choice. For the live demo you we've preselected a nice book for you.
Enter your email
On a daily basis, you will receive a few pages of the ebook in your inbox. Text is automatically adjusted for enhanced reading for you.
Set a time and the amount of pages
Will we email you the amount of pages you asked on your preferred time. Simply read, skip or pause pages whenever you like.

Live demo

Enter your email address below and we will send you a page of The Metamorphosis written by Franz Kafka everyday for a week.